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Launchscope is intended for temporal characteristics of program startup processes determination.
Launchscope controls the following startup parameters:
  • common duration of program startup process;
  • latency time of process creation in PC memory;
  • User CPU time startup consuming;
  • Kernel CPU time startup consuming.
Launchscope gives an opportunity to:
  • launch program testing by one step drag & drop operation;
  • reexecute testing programs by mouse double clicking;
  • automatically save recently used lists of programs and params;
  • show measured values as a table;
  • sort gained data;
  • strike an averages among set of measurements;
  • copy Result Table on the clipboard;
  • save Result Table as a file;
  • append Result Table to existsting file.
You can use Launchscope for:
  • exposure rate-limiting steps of program launch;
  • program launch time optimization;
  • tuning a porgram start from remote file storages;
  • gaining a comparative startup data amongst different programs.


To download LaunchScope use "Download" button below:

Download (311 KB)


How can I launch application to test?
There are two ways to launch a testing program:
  1. Enter program name into "Program" field, enter parameter values into "Params" field, if needed, then click "Execute" button or press <F9> or choose "Execute" command from "Run" menu.
  2. For quick start, drag and drop candidate program shortcut at Launchscope window. If that's the case the shortcut contained command line will be parsed to program name and parameters if any. After all the testing process will start automatically.
How can I interrupt testing process?
To interrupt running test press <Ctrl+F2> or click "Stop" button or choose "Stop" command from "Run" menu. Use the timer pan at left lower corner of Launchscope window to time controll of the running test.
Can I use Launchscope to test a console application?
Launchscope only works with GUI applications. Any attempt to launch a console application will cause return with a message "A call to an OS function failed".

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