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Packalong light is intended for creating self-extracting archives for install packages. Packalong can be used to produce one or several integral self-extracting archives at once and/or one or several archive blocks. If necessary, final archive can be produced by mere "merging" of blocks, for example using a command file. This feature can be used to create series of install packages containing identical files, for operative update of packages or for assembling archives directly on the remote computers intended for distribution of the program files via Internet, with the purpose of minimization of outgoing traffic.
The following archiving methods are supported: null, lzma, ppm, bzip2, lha. Each block can be packed using individual method. It means that final archive can consist of blocks packed using different methods. Self-extractor module is as small as about 75 KB.
During execution an archive is unpacked in the subdirectory having the same name as archive file name, which is created in the temporary Windows folder. After this files marked for execution are executed and finally all temporary files are deleted. Self-extractor can wait for the end of execution not only marked programs, but also processes induced by these programs, that can appear rather convenient when using third parties install programs.
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