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Vigator Antivirus

Vigator Antivirus Vigator is a virus scanner designed to protect removable USB devices, such as USB flash drives, portable media players and cameras against Win32.ChinaWorm Win32.Small.k and similar threats that use autorun.inf to spread their files. Vigator is installed in the root directory of a removable USB device and runs directly from a removable USB device, thus Vigator is an anti-virus that you carry with you.

When you click "Safely remove" button Vigator starts scanning USB device for threats. If suspicious files are found Vigator moves them to zip-archive in "_Suspicious_Files" folder which is created in the root directory of USB device. Then USB device is turned off as this is normally done by Windows.

Vigator is designed to protect only removable USB devices such as USB flash drives, portable media players and cameras. Do not use Vigator to protect system or bootable USB drives. Vigator may not be functional with certain types of built-in computer card readers.


Use Vigator Guardian for maximum level of protection from viruses, spyware, adware and identity theft. Vigator Guardian:

  • Disables Auto Play function on your computer;
  • Copies Vigator Antivirus on USB storage devices;
  • Creates hidden and blocked file named Autorun.inf on USB storage devices.

To download Vigator Guardian use one of "Download" buttons below:

Vigator Guardian (zipped, 647 KB)

Vigator Guardian (.exe, 0 B)

Manual Vigator Installation

If you do not want Vigator to be automatically installed on your USB devices or if you'd prefer to keep Auto Play function on your computer you can download and manually install Vigator on your USB device:

Download Vigator (zipped, 99 KB)
  1. Extract Vigator files from downloaded .zip archive;
  2. Copy extracted Vigator.exe to the root folder of your USB device;
  3. Run Vigator.exe from the root folder of your USB device;
  4. Press "Safely Remove" button in Vigator window to check your USB device for viruses and safely remove it.

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