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Key Information

Chorovod Front-End Data Management System is a development environment and an execution framework for database-driven applications. Chorovod is built with common standards and standard technologies in mind. The main purpose of Chorovod is to simplify application development, modification and maintenance and to increase efficiency and convenience of data processing.

For a Developer

Chorovod provides a lot of features along with a convenient interface for creating applications of different complexity with just a little amount of coding. This allows a developer to focus primarily on a business logic instead of paying too much attention to user interface. This results in a higher quality of an end-user product. Chorovod also allows a software developer to quickly make necessary modifications to the application logic and interface. Ultimately, these features can reduce the cost of development and subsequent maintenance throughout the product life cycle.

Chorovod is based on the principle of ​​hierarchical representation of data like a representation of file system in most of modern file managers. Theoretically the number of nesting levels is not limited which allows you to create a natural and convenient representation of data to a user. From the develpoper's point of view creating such a hierarchy is made by simple dragging and dropping a table, view or stored procedure from a list of databases to an application's folder tree. It does not require any coding.

Data hierarchy in property editor (developer's view)

Data hierarchy from a user's perspective

Basically, after you have created the desired hierarchy of data, your application is quite functional. This means that creating basic user interface takes as little as few minutes. The application already has a GUI and data processing functionality for adding, editing and deleting data, etc. Now you need to specify fields' captions, make the fields that you do not want to be shown to users invisible, adjust fields' properties, if necessary, and specify editing rules. Specifying editing rules, customizing edit forms, creating handbooks and "wizards" are not a big deal too. Chorovod provides convenient tools to perform these tasks in minutes. At this stage, without any code written, the program already has basic data processing functionality, including adding and editing with automated forms as well as searching and filtering, templates, bulk operations, user shortcuts and much more.

The figure below shows the appearance of Chorovod "Task Editor". Using different types of tasks you can automate and customize virtually any aspect of data processing. This is the basic "Task Editor" interface, accessible even to the end-user.

Chorovod built-in "Task Editor"

For fine-tuning developer can use "Property Editor", which is very similar to widely used and well known development environments.

Chorovod "Property Editor" (available only for a developer)

Chorovod has a built-in tool to create calculated and auxiliary columns. Most commonly used of them are "Concatenation", "Percentage", "Spelled out" and "Table". This tool is available both for developers and end users. "Field Editor" is shown below:

Chorovod built-in "Field Editor"

So, what does a developer get without any hand coding?

  • Data hierarchy;
  • Extremely simple application development, modification and maintenance;
  • Built-in essential data processing operations;
  • Built-in data searching and filtering tools;
  • Built-in tools for bulk data processing operations;
  • Built-in tools for custom data grouping and data shortcuts;
  • Built-in tools to create custom data processing and presentation tasks such as reports, external tasks, lookups, wizards, forms, mail agents, replicators etc.;
  • Built-in check spelling tools (with Microsoft Office installed);
  • Built-in tools to create calculated fields etc.

For a User

First of all Chorovod -based applications have simple, unified, intuitive and agile interface. The most important functions are brought to front to be easily accessible but user can use more complex ones if he has sufficient skills. It allows to reduce time and expenses for personnel training in the process of program adoption.

Besides the most common data manipulation functions such as adding, changing and deleting, all Chorovod-based applications initially have tools for data searching and filtering. Searching and filtering can be easily done on-the-fly by typing in the search field and pressing just one button. At the same time users can make use of more powerful tool called "Filter" which allows specifying several conditions for one or more fields.


To edit data in Chorovod developer can make use of simple forms as well as lookups created using the same approach as the main application window or "wizards" allowing to group several forms and lookups in due order. It makes data manipulation simple and convenient.

Edit Form

All Chorovod-based applications give users the ability to create custom data groups. For example, Chorovod built-in "Favorites" tool allows a user to create references to records from different tables, group them in his discretion and then access these records with one click of a mouse.


This approach resembles a usage of shortcuts in modern OSes except for the fact that database records are used instead of files and folders.

Chorovod also provides more advanced tools for data manipulation: templates which allow automation of inserting of repetitive data, tools to work with clipboard to copy/paste records (e.g. from Excel), bulk operations with data, tools to create reports, calculated fields and tasks etc.


To provide data integrity and security Chorovod makes use of built-in antivirus protection, built-in anti-key logger to prevent unauthorized access to applications' sensitive information. Besides Chorovod has built-in tools to hide and lock application window after specified period of inactivity with password protection that allows preventing unauthorized access to information.

For a Customer

Which advantages will customer get using Chorovod? First of all, it is reduced time of software development and adoption. Taking into account Chorovod's capabilities described above, we may say that it successfully competes with all the existing products of the same kind in terms of convenience, quality and time of application development. Plus it provides a lot of useful tools for developers and for end-users missing in competitors' products.

Chorovod and Chorovod-based applications do not require much time and money spent on their maintenance. Actually Chorovod as such practically does not require any maintenance and setting-up; there is no necessity in specific knowledge to perform standard procedures. In most cases in order to set up an application you only have to rewrite several files and make simple operations in order to set up database connection.

Programs based on Chorovod don't require much time for end users training. A user deals with unified, intuitive interface for data manipulation. Depending on their skills users can use just most basic functions of data processing or more complex ones such as reporting, custom tasks, lookups, templates etc.

As a result Chorovod helps to cut application development and maintenance expenses as well as to reduce time necessary for software adoption and personnel training.

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